#survivalhunting and foraging with a bit of farming included. Since the location of where we live alone is not specified it might be the ideal location to go out and become self sustaining.

#survivalbuy flour, its cheaper than rice. Also buy some seeds that easy to grow :)

#survivalAssuming I have the knowledge I have now, I would buy rice and clearance/reduced veg, including potatoes and radishes and scallions, then any other cheap veg. I would collect berries and edible plants from around my living place (depending on time of year) , and create a soup, freezing alot of it. I would then use the soil outside, bring it inside in a container, and grow the roots of the potatoes, radishes and other veg. As I have water to do soScallions and radishes can grow in about 20 days. Until then the rice would fill my stomach while a cup of soup a day, would contain nutritional value to keep me alive, freezing alot of it would ensure it doesn't go off and I'd separate it into 5 different containers in the freezer, defrosting one every 4 days

#survivalHaving limited cooking skills and the approx 700 bucks, I'll probably get bread, eggs and milk.

#survivalPotato, little butter, rice, salt and little sugar.
Potato and butter together have enough nutrients for a nearly balanced diet. May not be as filling though. Rice to fill the stomach. Sugar.. just in case of emergency or rare taste change. 10$ is enough for more than a month ration for it all..

#survivalthis is honestly the stupidest fucking thing ever and I'll just get a general dabbe ki ticket with that money to meet you and eat your weak ass liver. yeah

#survivalwell since cooking is an option, I'll buy eggs/potatoes and bread, to whatever amount 10$ can bring me, then I'll preserve them and eat them conservatively, since water is also available, stay hydrated and hygienic and go for small walks outside periodically as a form of exercise

#survivalhmmmm I'll buy spices and cold drinkssince water is available
and cooking is an option can always get raw materials from outside
now cooking them without spices wud taste meh hence the spices and cold drinks cuz I can't live without em

#survivalGave this some thought and asked around.10$ ish around 750INR

IMHO, buy cheapest rice you can get
In here, its around 20inr per kg
So around 35kg rice and enough to buy a pack of salt too.

Cook the rice, dont throw the broth, save it as a drink with some salt on it.

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