Heeeee... so it doesn't hurt.. i can gib more forehead flicks eh? *smirk smirk*

F the media I'm going out loud it's a war

*forehead flicks* so are you. Still hurts right?

Nyahahaha too embarrassed to admit ey

Kindy not include me in such fantasies.

i traded mi life for Sawada ^_^

Woah you must be the only one who ever escaped then. How did you manage to wiggle away?

Lemme get my data pack renewed 😂😂😂

yes, but i escaped somehow

Some kind of Mystic Language 🤔🤔

Oh you know me well. Have i ever captured you?

Yeah with caption hello darkness my friend but my data is Over so was unable to view 😭😭🙃

he even released a video for Darkness

Nyahahahha you don't know that. Ask@AnimeKaizokuhow his leg was chomped away

She just a sweet old ane nyaan ree

👌 I was kinna expecting it...

yeah, she wears a pirate hat and a sword and kills ppl who ask too much questions (like u r doing rn)

He dropped this Just like Aleays Always without any pre promotions still Eminems Album tops chart better than Other artist wjo do lotta ads before release 🤟🤟

Yeah Godzilla got me hyped

Only you understand how it feels. *snuggles*

That triggers. Its super annoying. Why? Oh why must it be there. Break the damn jar.

ehhh a blue pill in a bottle of red ones? dat actually looks good

No song can beat tu jaane naa 😀

New rom with no personalized autocorrect Wtf?!

New rom with no personalized autocorrect


Ur brain is prolly linked to phones ai

Just tag me in thread I'll visit it when I'm on desktop, hopefully in an hour

It's like this Free member -- civilian..... captain. Paid members -Kaizoku Noble -Kayo Regiment Staff Head Admins

Captains are those who have achieved the highest possible rank on forum. Forum starts you with civilian As per user activity it ranks you and so on Last one is captain. At this you have no flood limits, all forum features are maxed out

Lub dal with a spicy sukka😂

And that's just one There are around a dozen daal variants

@AnimeKaizokuWho are captains on forum are they related to us

I just couldn't understand so it's a big deal for me

chicken, sbji, cake, noodles too

Mad-dog is malfunctioning 😂

And the mixing it like Hermione is making that polyjuice potion

You know it's a big deal when it's in indian

I've seen some ppl there mixing curd on their daal chawal

And then light your innards on fire

I'll pretend I didn't see that

Wait till she makes you chug a big glass of hot rasm

Go 2 school n study how to text prolly u gaki

Dont worry i totally lub indian gerls especially south 1's

I think I damaged more people than I intended to


I banged my head on the table. People beside me concerned

Coz u love chocolate and I'm giving it to u🥰🥰

Try saying it again. Guaranteed you'll find it funny

Between you and me, I love chocolate

Dont disrespect chocolate like that

Why am getting tagged to this again :(

Only diff between shit and chocolate is of smell and taste

shut up you Little piece of chemical x

She's not using that sticker

Still drinking tat shitty choco

This reminds me, your nephew is named thumbs up

You trying to compete against my 6.5 and 2.5 yr old nephews?