in non-manga comics like shounen jump does single chapters collected, normal comics do monthly releases of single chapters of all running series (but not collected into one book though, seperate comics). these are called issues. and these are the ones that are like #1, #2, #100 etc and then there's this thing called TPB that's like Tankobon in manga that has collected chapters into volumes


full? if there's a volume 1 then there's a volume 2 so it cant be full

whats differnt between VOL and #

Can anyone find me the link for The Magicians season 4

😅I just suggest Bcoz slapping staff of saitama is like curse

System that automatically fixes a car speed

u mean adding custom replys for those people yes i know how to no i wont be adding coz i am shit at thinking of memes and reference ask sawada to add those

btw what does cruise control mean?

but alllllllllll the fun anime reference responses ;;-;; aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa add em back for saitama slaps pweease if only there's a small chance, it's still something

for admins it replys the same for first two but for the tmute part it has a custom reply too

no saitama take things easy when people slap him

For SUDO_USERS and owner slap should be disabled and bot should reply a diff sentence 😅

like what responses you get when slapping anyone else

ok maybe add the normal stuff to the pool too

xD but you dont get all the slap responses, just the yamete-type of stuff

this new thing is..why does it even exist xD

oh i see hmm but can we add a way to not have this at all in a chat? i want to be able to slap saitama normally like any other user sometimes

i removed that part too wont do anything against admins now

what happens if there are admins who werent promoted by saitama

Will ya slap yourself pluhees

🤣Oh Actually I haven't seen the name who said me to join here 🤣seriously

owo oki btw take support stuffs to the support chat 🙃

Does saitama lock all edits the Admin rights? 🤔

uhhh guys try to keep it in ingrisu so dat ppl can understand

i sent em here for "chit chats" tho

Kaizoku is an English centric chat.

You have nice nose holes to drill..... you should join

No u ship dark weebs, I wonder what ya selling