You should know because you are the one patting me

Because you have a boyfriend

What a dumpster fire that became lol

Why are you all so negative about it? D:

Ah oh, sorry if it came off like something I didn't mean

Wow congratulations KURO Good Luck

A simple dagger like meelee weapon to a gigantic or majestic sword

Go from gold coins to rubies to pearls to diamond uwu

But shouldn't medals be materialistic stuff

U making him feel like a curse of some black moon lol

then there are "user groups" they are automated and activity based - each user group level up opens new forum features

I got confused cuz the article had

Although what medal i should pick with what event is kinda hard to decide

How many are pirates in forum?

Then what's the medal thing for?

The higest being Pirate Captain

Pirate was bit of a cluster term tho

Welp you've decided the theme haven't u

They don't see faces there .-.

And then the women say "my face is up here?"

Isn't that why everyone stares at it?