Scored 60 sumthin out of 100

I once took a simple math test after not sleeping a blink for 2 days

Studying too much is not the only factor to score good in an exam

Bruh you srsly need more sleep

Oh I don't, but I'd love to

And that was my complete sleep for 48hours awake shit

Ok something is wrong with me

yeah, u know a lot about him iseee.

tch *working on 1 hr of sleep*

yeah i know dis guy. but i dont know how good he is.

Lolz pepe as in the frog pepe

anime charactaar may be. 🤷‍♂

whay pepe i dont know dis guy btw. 🤷‍♂

You're heartless meanie some eh

Hello slime, Im slime killer

Don't be better luck next time 😁


But she's a little bit cute

Same at first. But her perfect grammer stood out

I thought aria is a real person

*blushes and awkwardly looks down*

*uses an umbrella to block the shuus*

u can send em in dm too uwu

yeah, you can talk too. some are really naicee.

send these as files ploxxx

Ye 😅 but ppl might get annoyed by to many picw

*comes but get pushed away and falls in the ground ;-;*

the new Spiderman cartoon has that kinna eyes for its symboite

no less dan 15 pics in a row is always welcome. dont do 15 in a row.

Wish I had 1% of that skill