Its advised to stay home even if your state pulls out of the lockdown.

Other states have been asked to discuss with local panchayat and governing bodies to decide on whether to continue the lockdown or not

Punjab has extended lockdown till April 24th.

How do you send buttons in a channel?

Oooooo I haven't started painting yet

Its addictive and gives a strong high

I think that cherry lipgloss wasn't cherry

That thinner is working ig

Wake and bake boys, wake and bake

Which is why you can't get covid19

Some humans could actually be really advanced human simulations sent by the gov and programmed into thinking theyre human That's why our cars haven't advanced as expected, the research is for robots Maybe you're that

Or it would have been a great excuse to die

Do I can't catch virus sadly

So even if I roam outside without a mask, It would be fine

The spread isn't that much here

There's probably other ways to test it but oh well

Catch covid19 and you'll see

I don't consider myself as human

Are we even human at this point

Well I need doggo level patience

Well, that's how some human logic works

Not catto due to the catto getting injured

Could snap on accident but doggo will get blamed

Doggos gonna bite catto soon

Still they have to give me some QR things or something

So because of chongs I have to get permission from state to leave my house

Nice that I played this in mute..

you can find it in the last uploads if u have tik tok

This is much better edit lmao

that is what i did in the vid which is not anime related and that is why i deleted it earlier when you were offline

cause it have a cool water mark nothing else

No can't do, totally diff tech and not in python. Means need to write from scratch, we don't have that kinda time

That would create better video

Decrease the bgm sound and increase opm's

and i ma delete tik tok now

dont tale me you were loading

am i removed almost all the punch

You shouldn't remove that OPm voices

i was trying to learn Adobe after effect when i made this one

damn bruhh u need to get a life

damn bruhh 
u need to get a life

No I said it first in gaming group

Change your name 2 name 4 name

We have 10 grps in common and ig we are meeting second timw

idt he sent the same sticker

nah its meant to be like that lel

i joined tg back in 2015 then re joined in 2017 lol

i know i am unlucky but this .....

they are on tg since 2016 damnn

mi name's been changing everytime so i can say that if u meet me next time u won't remember my name

Lol sorry to disappoint you my name is not neha

type dice and select the dice

Bruh it's 2020 stop watching anime already