Welcome to Stalker Game,Stalk in your chats and get points - Catch to gain even more!

The goal of this game is to collect points when a chat is inactive, the other end of the stick is to stop such collectors.

Lets get going into the commands now./stalk- Starts a stalk, if no one replies(including you) after your stalk for a period of time, you gain Points.Catchers - If anyone sends any text in chat after your/stalk, you get caught - such users are catchers.Crests🔮- Crests are given as a special reward to users who catch Top Ranking Stalkers./aka- Send/akaNickname to set a custom nickname for leaderboard. send/akareset to resset this.
Commands List:#commandsGame Tips:#tipTo see more help, send 'game help' in the group.To read even more send 'stats help' in the group.

Have fun stalking

This is a private game for@AnimeKaizokuEncodesand is still under finer development, kindly not add this to your chats, it wont work there.